Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of professional organizing and interior styling?

We are professionals that know how to guide you through the process. We’re going to get rid of your overwhelm at least when it comes to organizing and Interior styling. We can save you lots of time.

We organize your entire home/ office/business. There is nothing we can’t organize or style for you. We work with our clients to bring a room to life. We meet directly with you to get a sense of how you intend to use your space, and how you want it to feel.

There are plenty of inexpensive and creative solutions out there. Some ideas include using magnetic boards, pegboards, or even just simple boxes with lids, so things don’t get messy when you’re not using them. With some cleverly designed organizational tools like these, you can create neat spaces within no time at all.

Committing a small amount of time each week will help keep things tidy for longer periods of time just fifteen minutes here and there can make all the difference. A few simple tips include creating places for items like keys or mail so they don’t pile up on surfaces; putting away clean dishes as soon as possible; tidying up after meals; and regularly checking areas such as closets for items that should be donated or disposed of if no longer needed.

In order to see full results, we only focus on one service at a time.

No. Decluttering is going through things and deciding what you want to keep, donate or get rid of. In order to organize a space, we must declutter first depending on the project at hand.

Yes. We would include that in our session time.

Yes. We would include that in our session time.

We do light cleaning only the areas being organized; we do not do deep cleaning.

We do not provide any furniture but we can bring small decorative elements to enhance the space.

Absolutely! We would love to keep in communication for any future projects.

You can always book another session for us to come back out and refresh things.

We love to take before and after pictures to post on our site only with consent from our clients first. We make sure to only take pictures of the actual project and not the entire home. Session time will not be used to take before and after photos.



All mayor Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal and Venmo.

Yes. We do a minimum of 4-hour session, or you can pay an hourly rate.

  • Get the perfect birthday present for your loved one!
  • Give the gift of organization for Mother’s Day!
  • Get your home transformation certificate for Father’s Day!
  • Get a professional home organization or interior styling for Veterans’ Day!
  • Get your home summer-ready!
  • First time homeowner gift, help unpacking and organizing!
  • First time mom’s gift of organizing or interior decorating!